Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in no particular order

25 random things. It's a meme (rhymes with dream) that's going around. I'm spending the day sorting through pictures, which is damn tedious, and am sick and so have a short attention span. anyways, here it goes.

1 My new year's resolution was to write everyday and it just hasn't happened. When it's a choice between socializing and writing a journal, I'm choosing socializing and don't regret it.

2 I feel very homeless some days. I think I've realized that I can't move back to Oregon no matter how much I love my friends and family.

3 I've been playing with the word "modern immigrant" to describe myself. I'm not sure if it fits or exactly how I feel about it. Traveling is spending at least a third of your time making introductions so it's a good time to test out new words to describe yourself.

4 I still give myself an 80% chance of returning to Japan in August/September.

5 I think I'll have enough money left over to buy myself a sweet bike. And then I'm going to train for brevets in the mountains. Because that's the type of hard core I enjoy.

6 I do not regret in the slightest not touring Argentina by bike. With the way the roads and drivers are here.... it's not the type of hardcore I enjoy.

7 Last night I had a yellow jacket/bee crawling on my back for at least half an hour without noticing. A 24 hour friend knocked it off and I wasn't stung but am now paranoid that I'm covered in bees and don't realize it.

8 I enjoy arbitrary things sometimes. 25 is not one of these times.

9 Tomorrow I leave for Buenos Aires, taking the bus for 20some hours. Luckily I'm so tired from hiking that I think I may be able to sleep the whole way.

10 I've been observing groups of people a lot. Groups and pairs of friends traveling together. Couples. Dorm mates. Hiking groups. I feel there are things to learn in this aspect. I join the groups for dinners, hiking, conversation but in the end I decide when I leave and travel again alone.

11 People here say "Buenos" a lot to mean "hello." I think I could transliterate it and just start saying "good stuff" all the time and kissing Japanese people on the cheek. People would be confused but I'd be amused.

12 I'm a little sick from too much sweaty hiking in cold wind. But it was well well worth it. Besides, a little cold will help me enjoy the 20hr bus ride.

13 I swear to god I will never be fat and lazy again. This outdoor stuff is just too cool.

14 I spend a lot of time thinking about how I want a family and kids and stuff. But I don't know what the thinking will lead to. I mean, if I say I'm going to make having a family a priority in my life, what does that mean in terms of real actions?

15. number 14 is related to the missing 20% of number 4

16 I also spend a lot of time thinking about food and cooking and eating. Especially when hiking/cycling.

17 Third on the list is probably dancing and/or flirting.

18 I've learned how to make baked apples and cream sauce so far this year.

19 One of my bestest friends ever and a guy who I've illogically decided is the one to have 4 kids with, share a birthday. Fuck it, I'm calling it a sign.

20 I'm totally in lust with an Italian climber whose name and birthday I don't know. However, I have seen him with out his shirt and tried not to let my jaw hit the floor as I stared at his gorgeous tattooed rock hard body. However, I think I will never see him again. It's one of those relationships that will live only in my mind. So it goes. (unless he returns from the mountains back to my hostel tonight, in which case I will be at a loss for words and it will be one of those relationships that will live only in my mind. so it goes.)

21 For the first time in my life I considered going to Italy to look for more beautiful tattooed climbers. But, for the moment have decided against it.

22 There is a ghost cat that lives in my hostel. but it's ok because we made friends.

23 I'm learning how to use my 45mm lens. It's slow going but good.

24 Almost everything I own smells like the salami that made it 8 days in my bag without being eaten. It's unfortunate. Even after I wash my clothes I'll have to put them back in the bag that smells like sausage. If I don't break the cycle I may never get laid again.

25 I should never wear my hair back ever again. Seriously, why did I not come to this conclusion about 10 years ago.

26 I always feel I have too much stuff. Even, like now, when it all fits into a 35L backpack. Nonetheless, I often still want more stuff--like a tent, for example. It's hard to reconcile these things.

27 Sorting through pictures has been kind of productive. Here are a few so far. The glacier, Mt Tronador, is still to come... I'll get on that right after my 20 hour bus ride...

BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

and the current plan is:
next 6 weeks in Buenos Aires.
then a 30hour bus ride to Santa Cruz Bolivia.
2-6 weeks in Bolivia mostly volunteering with animals
meet my buddies in Rio May 25th and travel in Brazil.

and June? possibly back to the states.... but too soon to tell.

and August, 80% likely back to Japan for work and a new bike....
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.


Anonymous said...


love your photos, again, especially the flowers. the scenery is spectacular. i am printing off one of the pictures of you.

and by the way: lust never hurt anyone...so i say, go italy!!!

love, alison

Murray said...

As usual, wonderful photos. Glad to hear your updates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kori,

Sugoi!!! Amazing photos, I can't believe the colour of the sky where you are. Not to mention those rocks - they look like they have big stony, angular faces staring out of them. Trippy. Tokyo is kind of cold grey and misty at the moment, but I still love it. Hope your bus trip passed peacefully,

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