Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nikko, April 2008

With my new shiny camera, 5 good friends, and new walking shoes, we headed up to Nikko. Nikko is my favorite day trip from Tokyo. I love little mountain towns in Japan and the temples are fantastically beautiful. So I figured it was a good place to test my new camera.
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Lessons learned:
My camera is much much better than the viewfinder. So while most "auto pict" pictures looked underexposed in the viewfinder, they looked great later. The pictures that I thought were better when I messed with the exposure ended up a little over exposed.

Take home lesson: Rather than take many pictures of one thing with different exposures, leave it to auto for now and take more pictures of different things.

My new camera is SLR, which means 1) I can change lenses 2) have more manual control 3) I need to look through the small hole to see compose the picture. This is good for a number of reasons... except it's a bit of a pain with glasses. So, some of my shots were cropped when I didn't mean them to be.

Take home lesson: when in doubt shoot wider shots and crop later

Unfortunately, blogspot is kind of a pain to upload pictures to, so unless anyone cries otherwise, I'm just going to put bubbleshare links.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've bought a new camera. A new Pentax 200D. It should work with all my mom's old lenses from back in the day when I get my hands on them and will be beautifully useful for my trip to China in a few weeks.

Any comments about the best way to show the pictures on this blog? Do you like them one after the other like the last couple of posts or links to slide shows like last spring break/Golden Week? Would they be more interesting if I posted few of them?