Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've bought a new camera. A new Pentax 200D. It should work with all my mom's old lenses from back in the day when I get my hands on them and will be beautifully useful for my trip to China in a few weeks.

Any comments about the best way to show the pictures on this blog? Do you like them one after the other like the last couple of posts or links to slide shows like last spring break/Golden Week? Would they be more interesting if I posted few of them?


Joseph said...

Oooh, highly spiff! I do so like cameras.

My preference is for pictures inline, accompanying a story. Pretty pictures are neat, as well (be they as slideshows or inline), but it's nice to have the context to accompany the story.

But either way, more posts with more pretty pictures!

inkandpen said...

You are breathtakingly beautiful.

I agree with Joseph that pictures with stories are best, but pictures are awesome in any form.

I ought to send you an email, but not this week because I'm overwhelmed. Classes end in two weeks, so by then at least.

Kori the tomorrow lady said...

thank you both! I thought I got automatic updates if people commented ... but I guess not.

Yeah, I agree that inline pics with stories are best. but I'm so braindead at night these days, I find it really hard to write.

Plus... I actually feel like I'm losing some of my English as I work harder studying Japanese. It's disconcerting. I have awkward pauses in conversations all the time. Writing sometimes is a little frustrating because exactly what I'm thinking is a pigeon mix of the languages I know. quite weird.