Monday, September 24, 2007

I've moved!

That's right, I've moved across town (again). I've averaged a little more than one move a year for the last 10 years... so it was time. A quick comparison of my old place and my new place.

old: super swanky
new: suburbs

Distance from train station
old: 3 min
new: 15 min

Noise factor
old: pretty quiet though some construction near by and a fire station
new: loud, near the train tracks

old: about 7.2 meters squared (plus shared bathroom/shower)
new: almost 20 meters squared (plus loft, kitchen area, my own bathroom)

old: about $650/month, utilities included
new: about $580/month, only water included

Places to eat after 10 pm
old: one (Indian curry place)
new: tons. Lots of different kinds and atmospheres.

Grocery stores that are open after I get home from work
old: zero, only 2 convenience stores
new: 2 proper stores so far, dozens of convenience stores

Distance to work
old: central, usually under an hour but always at least on train change
new: probably about the same but many more schools on the same train line.

Distance to cool weekend hang out spots
old: close, 20-30 min. 10 dollar cab ride after last train.
new: same as everyone, about an hour, cab ride too expensive

Distance to not as trendy but still fun places
old: 20-30 min
new: over a dozen between my apt and the station

Number of friends I can meet after work for dinner and a beer
old: zero
new: at least half a dozen

Number of psycho roommates
old: two-- at war with each other
new: zero!!!!!!

old: second story, looked almost directly into another house (about 4 ft in between)
new: third floor in a neighborhood of mostly 2 story buildings. Nice eastern view.

Fresh air?:
old: window opens... but then the cockroaches come in
new: decent balcony with big sliding doors. and a screen!

Old apartment perks
old: washer AND drier
new: only washer

old: free internet and use of laptop
new: free internet only (must fix my crappy laptop)

New apartment perks
new: people can stay with me!!
old: roommates complained that my friends were 'icky' and enforced a no one over ever policy.

new: I can climb out of bed and go to the bathroom wearing whatever
old: must put on pants first

new: two burners to cook on
old: hotplate

new: everything is super clean
old: the war on cockroaches still rages

So, as you can see, I'm ecstatic to be moved. I still need to unpack and get things arranged and such but I'm so happy. I'm really excited to live somewhere that has food at night, as I rarely get home before 11pm these days. And while the entertainment might not be quite as swanky... there is tons at my fingertips. I'm so excited to explore and have people over.

If you want my address, please email me
and my first is with a C, one r and two n's

I'm in an internet cafe now but when I get my computer working and get settled in, I do plan to post pictures.

I hope this finds you all well. Take care of yourselves!

and the adventures continue....