Sunday, October 25, 2009

packing. what's in a bag?

So now comes the time to pack everything I will take to Japan and start a new life with. again.

First thing's first. The bike:
(I'm totally in love. Isn't it a beauty?? Totally worth giving up the extra checked bag. Totally.)

After the bike I have a carry on and one more checked bag.
My carry on will be my backpack which has now seen four continents. REI, you were worth every cent.
(the blue and gray thing on the bottom. It's now going on 10 months living out of a 35L backpack. I can't wait to settle into a little more space. A Tokyo shoe box apartment is looking like a mansion (ha ha ha... Japanese speakers, don't you think I'm clever? hahaha) compared to my backpack.)
And one big checked bag.

So. What's the packing list?
Two suits, grey and black. (pair of pants each plus a straight skirt for the black one) all at least two years old but in good condition.
My new resume picture. It could be better but it's good enough to do. I've already got two requests for interviews so it must be passable. whew.
and what else gets packed? Three new blouses, one old one. Three pairs of new slacks. A new skirt. One old pair of work heels. One new pair of flats. Two potentially work appropriate sweaters.

And then there are the casual clothes....
There'll be some tights and leg warmers and sneakers too, I imagine. The going out fashion will pretty much have to wait till I've got a paycheck...

Tokyo, meet the Boliva jeans. How ya doing?

In the meantime, my schedule's looking like this:
Sunday 10/25: Olympia, Monday:Portland. Halloween in Portland. Eugene... Nov 2nd? San Fran...Nov 10th? I land in Tokyo Nov 17th!

This post makes me feel like I have multiple personalities or something. but never mind that. the bag needs to be packed. I'm looking forward to settling down for a little while. At least 3 months would be great.

the adventures continue...