Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little update

after two weeks of Spanish classes in Barlioche-- a beautiful small town of 90,000 in northern Patagonia-- I'm now tramping around the mountains in the company of two funny Dutch boys.

Today is a day of rest in a small village called Colonia Suiza. Pictures will come later but for now, I'm just saying hi. I'm still alive. The stars are beautiful. Patagonian summer is still pretty cold most days but sunny and gorgeous. I feel I could take a million pictures of the sky here and every one would be breathtaking, if perhaps, only to me.

I'm feeling very lucky right now.

much love to you all


EC said...

yay luck!
miss you.

inkandpen said...

Sounds perfect. Is it odd that I never worry about you on these journeys? Miss you, wonder about you, imagine what you're doing this very minute, yes, but never worry. Cause I know you're doing what you need to be doing, and that you'll be ok.

Miss you.