Monday, September 04, 2006

over reacting?

ok. so I may have over reacted just a skish. I mean, me over-reacting like never happens, not even as much as sarcasm.

that said, Im still planning to take the LSAT in Feb. and shoot for Law school 2008, but the pre-school job may not be as bad as I thought. Its just that when I think about a good 100,000 yen cut in pay every month and living in an area that encourages me to spend more than before, I got a little panicky (whoa, thats the RIGHT spelling?? Im shocked). but maybe it wont be so hard to make up. Ive got one private student 20,000/month. a kids thing that may be 40,000 and I havent even been sucked into the GABA demon

(an aside: GABA is this “upstart” English company that only offers private lessons and runs really aggressive ad campaigns both to recruit teachers and students. The student ads say things like “why would you want a group lesson? you know the English schools just want to make money on you?” –very loose translation. and they are a leach company that doesn’t offer 1)visa sponsorship 2)any guarantee of wage 3)minimal or no benefits. but, you decide your own schedule, vacation, etc. so, I’ve applied and I guess I’ll find out if they are worth it)

but yeah, the panic has blown over and I apologize. Its no wonder everyones rolling their eyes at me with a shut the fuck up already, you havent even given your new job a chance attitute. you are all right. Im going to give this a proper chance before properly panicking.

and again if anyone has any lawyery contacts/rent-a-mentor types, let me know.

and as a ps: if you are curious (or procrastinating) my preschool has a website
we are the Juban, pronounced like Jew Band, without the 'd'

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Dajii said...

dearest panniciky,

I think thats just a fine idea, the law school. Yeah, you are way too smart to be chasing tiny people around that wear rice paper diapers. Don't know a lot about the field you mention except that there is excessive politics around what can be, is and is ethical to pump into people. I know that there is a lot of biochem out there that will cure people but is tied up in born-again ethics and economic manuvering. It would be a hard road to keep your own style of principals, but a good one to hack your own trail in. dajii will supply machettes as requested. Personally, I've decided to be a piriate and burn vacationing pharacitial exec's down to the water line. I too am a people person, just having a little difficulty finding a proper mode of relating to them. I have a job opening to man the 50 MM deck gun if you should want it. Family enterprise can be so rewarding. Lately, I have been seeing the west, one gas tank at a time.
It is a glory that you plan and think and form the world around you. you are a nova of exceptional brilliance. I am endlessly proud of you. All my love, forever and beyond the red shifts reach, Your loving Dajii