Saturday, September 09, 2006

the adventure continues

I know this decision is not one that everyone will totally support, but maybe after a proper explanation, it'll make sense.

I've returned to Ye Ol' Eikaiwa as a sub-teacher.

Here's a break down of my reasoning:
1) I need to find a doctor. I messed up my wrist in July and it's gotten a lot worse after schlepping around toddlers for a week. I can't ride my bike because it hurts. I can't braid my hair. I started to hesitate before catching falling children. The pre-school didn't offer med. insurance or very much money. I'm sure a doc will want to x-ray me at least. It's not something I can afford to do without work insurance and it's not something I can really afford not to do either.

2) I needed to find second job anyway for money. after the stress of finding another job, I'd be working more hours for less money than I would with Ye Ol' Eikaiwa. and, in the end I'd be way more stressed with 2 or 3 jobs than just one.

3) the lack of intelligent conversation will seriously make the LSATs harder in the spring. A sampling:
yea!!! potato.
yea!!! potato.
yea!!! potato.
...yea! potato.
yep. potato.
uh hu, potato.
enough with the potato!!!!
(patient smile)
oh look! a carrot!

4) Subbing will be fun because I get to train new teachers and be a problem solver and being a "she'll get it done right" person is exciting. I think it'll be a good type of challenging.

5) the old trainer who treated me and all other teachers like dime-a-dozen lazy crap, was demoted. He was insensitive, unprofessional, disorganized, etc etc. He was a bad boss so the higher-ups demoted him to teacher. The new trainer is much better. He's shown that he respects me and has worked hard to get me to come back. He has already proven to be more reasonable and organized than the last and I respect him more.

So that's the deal. The guilt and disappointment of leaving the pre-school is mostly gone already. It wasn't pretty, but that's just the way it goes. I've got good things ahead with Ye Ol' Eikaiwa. {{Edit: I'd like to say I'm done with the guilt but it's not true. The people at ABC are good folks and I feel horrible that I had to leave so soon and didn't give proper notice. I'm sad that I disappointed them. I'm sad that the kids got attached to me and I got attached to the kids after only one week. but I need to see a doctor.... and that's just the bottom line, I guess}}

Here's the tentative Long Term Plan, for those who like to be informed of such things. Others of you, feel free to laugh at my misconceived notion that I can shape my future. But plans make me happy. So this is the plan:

Use three day weekends to go to Kyoto, Nara, Sendai, ect. There are a number of Japanese Bank holidays in the Fall, so a traveling I will go. Auditions for travel partners are commencing as we speak.

Come back to the states for Christmas. Details TBA.

Take the LSAT in the spring (yes, itâs offered in Tokyo) send off applications in the Fall. My LSAT score will determine which schools I apply for but probably most, if not all, on the W. Coast.

Basically explore Japan as much as possible for the next year on week or shorter vacations while saving up lots of money. The promotion to sub will probably let me save at least $500/month even after weekend trips.

So save $10K and explore close to "home." Leave Japan winter 2007, visit 'merica and then travel S. America for 6 months. Be in Brazil for Carnival, volunteer in wine WWOOF farms in Chile, dance the tango in Buenos Aires... Come back, settle into whatever university town Iâve chosen and kick ass in Law School fall 2008.

sound like a plan? yeah, I think so.

the adventure begins! er, the adventure continues!!


yanosh said...

"the lack of intelligent conversation will seriously make the LSATs harder in the spring"

hi kori, after having read your blog for quite some time now, this one motivated me to leave a comment. i'm a german, being in japan for 1.5 months now and working for some japanese governmental research institute. i could probably offer some slightly more intelligent conversation than "potato." and "carrot.". probably. ;-) however, i'm looking for some contact to westerners in tokyo. so, if you'd like to know more about me, if you're interested to get into contact, please check your guestbook at shoe. i'll leave you my address there (should be slightly more secure than here to avoid my amilbox flooded by spam). looking forward to some message. cheers, yanosh

Dajii said...

Hi kori,
having red your blog for some time now i think I can offer you more better conversation from the blond poets society ...

Kitty with it's fangs so yellow
bitey cutiesy mousie fellow
used to think that kitty mellow
all on bed like hairy jello
but now a killer, well duhh, Hello...

For instance, this is the intellectual content winner of this months submissions. Appel, appel, where art thou oh apple didnt make it a third time.
So if you'd like to join our poetry group, you can check my profile at the Clatsop county Sherrifs department.

I worry about you, most precious. Course, that's my job, worry. And I do it quite nicely, I must admit. Please be careful with all the YamGoshes out there. I am worried all to hell. Please uses the anchient method of serindipity and freind to friend introduction. Weeds weirdos.

Exciting to quit a job, start another, quit the other, return to job, but better, move apartment, move again ? just for symmatry? Hey, it all aint no big deal. You need to get repaired, need to do what you have to do. All this is good, but chicken feed as to what you will do in life. Everyone will forgive someone as charming as you, fear not. I think yuor plans are wonderful, and I am glad you are specing out excessive local travel. There are some travel partner sites, I'm sure you know, like travelchums and the such. More crap shoot and worry for the Dajii though. Would you please come back to good old amerikian weirdos? Course you're grounded till 2012. Go to your room and I don't want to hear another word about it.

Pappilion had 8 escape attempts before success and 20 some botched robberies before he got a nest egg. never give up wonderful person, live with caution, write your dajii, adventure with abandon.

Love you as the stars love the galaixy, and love you more,