Saturday, September 02, 2006

plans to take over the world, one microbe at a time

I have a plan. and I’m the type of girl who likes a plan, so I’m feeling so much better now that I have a vague plan. this plan does not involve 2 year olds or test tubes. My new job was a good idea but I think a very poor choice over all. I’m so much smarter than this. Maybe 3 or 4 or 5 year olds would have been OK but the repetition of a 18month old is going to drive me nuts very very soon. I’ve made a mistake. and for all the benefits, it pays so little that those long vacations are going to be huddled around instant noodles writing on my blog because I can’t afford plane tickets. so I’d/I’ll have to get another job anyway and then I’ll be just as busy as before…. I’m not sure how I will fix it in the short term but I have a new long term plan and I want people to weigh in on it.

It’s called LAW SCHOOL 2008.

What the wha???? you ask. well, it’s been on my mind for a while now. I mean what can you do with a biochem degree when you don’t want to be a lab rat again? You can teach. You can be a forensic freak. You can write. You can give up your specialty and do some thing completely different. Or, you can go into law. I’ve heard that biotech/patent/ molecular bio/pharmaceutical type lawyers are in high demand now. I’m having trouble confirming that by google but it’s what I heard from grad students who defected to the law school.

things I wish I knew and maybe someone can fill me in on:
my perfect career would involve a job where I can talk to people. not constantly like as an English teacher or sales-type. but on a regular basis. somehow I’ve become a verbal person, despite all the indications otherwise, and I kinda being a people person.
does anyone think this is completely counter to a biotech lawyer?

I think this could have the advantage of always learning about cool things coming into the field but would naturally be tedious. that’s fine. I have a special place in my heart for tedium. but does anyone know people who have gone this route? is it boring? Is it challenging?

I have so many questions right now and I have a long time line to sort them, but any input would be super welcome. Comment please!!

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Kiki said...

Kori, These are difficult times not knowing exactly where to put your many talents and energy. Also exciting (you may appreciate this aspect more later on) to have the ideas and possibilities opening before you. I think you would make a dynamite lawyer... you have the brilliance as well as your science background to make a fascinating specialty. Ask Elena & friends and keep trying to find someone doing what you want to do. Way to go, girl!