Wednesday, April 19, 2006

little Mao (oh yes, I'm officially a kid's teacher)

コリーせんせい へ (to Kori-sensei)

こんにちは、おげんきですか? (Hello, how are you?)

まおのレッスンでは、いつも たのしく やさしく 

おしえてくれて ありがとうございました。 (Thank you for always teaching Mao fun and kind lessons)

ちいさい こどもたちを おしえることは たいへんですが

がんばって ください。(I'm sure it's tough teaching small children [Mao is 2yr 3m in this pic and started in August when she was... 1yr 8mo] but please keep trying your best)

まおと わたしも これからの レッスンを がんばります。(Mao and I will also keep trying our best in our future lessons)

では おげんきで・・・ (so take care of yourself)

this was a thank you letter from little Mao's mother (translated sloppily by me, for you). this little whirlwind was one of the reasons I came back to Japan. she'd just run laps all class sometimes or say hello 50 times in one lesson (the size of voice does not match the size of the kid) .

but she was cool too. really cool.

I'm such a freakish sucker!

anyway, her family is moving and she's changing to a different school and I currently have no more little girls called "Mao" Why is this such a popular name for small girls, I couldn't tell you. But there a few I know. and they are all whirlwinds but bright as wipper snappers.

I love these kids but the strain is obviously showing on my sanity. my adults are starting to ask if I'm OK.... last count 15 kids classes a week. 13 adult classes.

28 adult students. 49 kids (13 under 3yrs old). it's official. it's no wonder I'm feeling loopier and loopier every day. whoa!


Anonymous said...

28 classes? Can that be true? I can't believe you are holding up. Is each class one hour? I am sure there are schools with more sane schedules.

Kori Beyer said...

yeah. 28. 29 on a busy week when my private student flight attendant comes. some are 60 min [x6] but a lot are only 40min [x7] (for kids under 6) or 45 min [x5] (for small adult classes) other kid classes are 50 min [x6] and private lessons are 50 min [x2 or x3]. kids privates are 25 min [x2].

it's actually gotten a lot better recently because I've consolidated the adult text books so now I teach three different kids texts and only 7 different adult texts. that's much better than it used to be. (used to be 11 different adult texts) So at least the prep is getting better...

I am much busier than 90% of my coworkers. plus the two school thing.... and it is making me a little nutty. but still fun.