Sunday, April 16, 2006


decisive is not a word I use to describe myself. in fact along with all the other grief symptoms I think the complete inability make any decisions, is pulling a lot of weight.

but I have made a few decisions. most important first.

I'm renewing my contract with Ye Ol' Eikaiwa. despite the uncertainty, anger, and frusteration. my students ROCK my world. my coworkers (including the new Brit) are cool. recent hilariousness.

"Ma! Chigaita!" in a cute high 6 year old voice fitting this tiny six year old, new to my class and way behind the other 6 kids. The target this week was "Who's that?" "That's my father." I kept pointing to his picture and asking "Who's that?" He'd look up kind of suprised and say "Ah! Chigaita!" or "Ah! it's a mistake!"

so we teach by modeling. not in the skimpy skirt catwalk way, but in the I do one first so you know what I mean. Here's one of my drawings of the beginning of my family tree.

the kids thought I was completely nuts. they're right but I try not to let on.

from the adults recently. one of my favorites who will skip class for a month at a time and then come back with all sorts of gems like

If animals could talk...

If animals could talk we should go dancing with them.


He won't understand you unless...

He won't understand you unless you're naked.

or from another in the same class:

I'll see you tomorrow unless I kill someone.

OTHER DECISIONS, I'm on a roll.

I'm going to Korea for a week. I'll get to see Mark! the Canadian Rotary student who I've been in touch with on and off for the last 8 years. rock. and do other cool things like celebrate Buddah's birthday. and relax.

I'm working really hard on my Japanese and looking for a school and a class and studying a lot recently.

also, The Boy is being demoted from whatever he was to someone less important for being consistently emotionally and logistically unavailable. sucks, but time to face the reality of the situation.

I'm making a real effort to find more chatty/communicative and generally female friends in Tokyo. some success. work in progress.

and that's life.


jim said...

all green lights.

dajii said...

Hi Wonderful,
I'm glad you decided to stay in the program and with the students you mean so much to. In any job, serious disallusionment envelops in the end of the first year, followed by a numbing co-existance in the second, as you have realized where the limits are and have a pretty good un-idelistic idea of how it's gonna be. The good news is that in the second year you can amass the moola, having "dialed in" the expenses of life realitive to the cash flow. Very happy you are going to Korea. say hi to Budda for me. I love you and miss you. You are doing so very excellent in the weird world. I can't wait to visit you in your homoniod habitat. looks like the end of summer now. More love to you. Dajii