Sunday, April 23, 2006

off the hook (OR a well deserved day of rest) part 2

I did not find it so funny when the new teacher, Daniel (Brithish/London), said he didn’t think I was very smart.

at least am I amusing?, I ask

hahahahaha. yeah. do your cowgirl voice again. tell me about the groundsquirrel princess massacre again.

(I tried really hard to find a picture of said princess )

but just found a bunch of bloody ground squirrel pictures that made me ever so vaguely nostogic. it’s in horrible taste but I had to include this winner with it’s caption:

Here is a close up of the ground squirrel. No sissy here, this is a "bull" ground squirrel for sure. I bet he didn't need any Viagra! There is the box of 223 Ackley Improved rounds.)

well, if I’m funny then I can’t be stupid. stupid people don’t tell good stories.

other than the fact that he’s a little mean when drunk, we’re hitting it off well. Kevin was really easy to get along with so I was worried about who would replace him, but I think it’ll work out fine. the guy sure does like to drink, though.

and we’re up to Saturday. back to “Jackass” the nicest looking “Sports and Dining” place I’ve ever been too. Daniel, myself, Kantaro, and the manager Junko rounded off our week of work.

my new favorite drink (thank you Junko, you are entirely to blame) is TanTakaTan sochu.

This is Junko and Daniel. We are a fair number of TanTakaTan's into the night, and things are getting swell and sweller (swellest?) by the second.

This has only covered Sunday and Saturday. I'm not even back to Thursday when the entertainment centered around this man who called himself "Richard"

Richard is fed noodles. opps. we missed.

but I must stop writing and get some of my life (or at least laundry) sorted. much love all. I wish you were here for these adventures.

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