Thursday, February 02, 2006

Story Time (updated)

I took these pics today with my snazzy camera phone and they beg a good story. But I know I'm not the only writer in this crazy family. So, I'll put together a good story but I want you to send in some too. If you email them to me, I'll post them as entries. You choose which pics, which order. Write me a good story. I'm working on one for you.

Nothing like taking pictures of other peoples' kids, eh?

And the only entrant was my dear also compulsive writer father. his story:
Wait a minute. What's that over there? Gotta get these eye stalks adjusted.
Mighty orange, contrasting with the gray. It's moving about, sort of
bouncing along. Skipping. Yes, yes, it's coming closer. Bouncing. Seems we
want this. What now? Stopped? Nooo. Oh. Looking my way. Yes, yes, come on,
come closer. I'll release some of my caramel corn oder attractant. The
breeze is wafting it tword it. It's WORKING! The little morsel approaches. I
can't contain my excitement. My flagella tail is thrashing all around behind
me. I'm just like a cat who's getting petted too hard. Can't stop the
twitching. Getting worse. Have everything behind me kicked up into a froth.
Water is blasting up into a wall from my other appendages. Ahhh .. but it's
happening. Te orange thing comes closer still. Patience. Patience. Damn that
tail. Shut that up, will ya. You'll scare it. But no, still it approaches.
Yes, it's curiosity is piqued. I can see it. See the little round eyes
peering in wonderment.

Yes ... I am so wonderful. I am shooting water all over. Just a few moments.
A few more. Closer. Come on. It's sniffing, smelling the good caramel. Ahh
yes. Now BEFORE ME. LOOKING IN!. I'll gurgle a little. HAH, it's leaning in.
NOW! NOW! Now I BITE.CHOMP!. I GOT IT! Glomping,glosshing. My glands have
exploded. Gushing the dissolving acid. Oh sho tashsty. Mush glomp,
gloshingish globberimsh gooshgobblegabba glommergasha glommer. My mouth is
overflowing with gushing goodness of glommeraberating gaamatatage.

Oh the sweet munching of the munchkin. The delicious swallowing of ground
bones and guts. The oozing overflow from my gaping maw. Ahhhh ...Ahhha

.. BURP!

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Dajii said...

Right on! A writing challange. Why arn't there more people like you out there? Well I throw down the glove. Callange accepted. Ummm . do I post it here and nuke the limit (if there is one?) or should I send it to the priest. (forgot or lost latest email addy).
Glad you are beating the cold. Stay out of icy drafts. Keep your feet warm and dry. Take shoes off and put toes in the fire in necessary. As your genetic originator, I know the cold little piglets promotes the virial gook.
The latest boat is almost done. Feeling good about that. I think about you all the time, there in the city without edges. I miss you so much. Glad you are at least here in cyber space. You write wonderfully, ya know.
All my love,
yer Dajii