Thursday, February 02, 2006

breathing a little easier

The cold is finally getting better (day 6). I'm still coughing like it's a contest in the TB ward and all sorts of green yummy nastiness keeps oozing from my nose. but I feel better.

I went all day with out cold medication. That's got to spell improvement.

I've been at head office doing training for the last two days with about 15 other teachers (more on those details later) but in the minmal level it has given me the energy to just listen and cough and recover a little. Tomorrow I have classes again and I'm not especially looking forward to jumping around with the munchkins again. Sinuses still not being especially cooperative with teh rapid movement and excitement. Voice still sounds strange. but feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

Head fr the antibiotics when the color gets likr the background of your blog.
love ya, Dajii