Tuesday, January 31, 2006

when do I get to be grown up yet?

wow, I can pay the heating bill AND my student loans in one month? in the winter?


I feel like an adult.

and I would have taken a picture of the gas bill that arrive today all written in Japanese with extra bar codes and stuff, except that I haven't bought new batteries for my camera and I don't know how to replace the main light that illumnates my apartment....

ok, so the adult thing is coming slowly.


Rachel McDonald said...

Heh, I know what you mean. Just finally payed off that overdue cable bill.....so used to other people paying for things for me ;).

Murray said...

You're farther along than me, I think.

Kiki said...

Hi Kori, I'm feeling very lonely for you tonight. Wish we could sit and talk and have the kitties play with our toes. How is that cold going? Take GOOD care of yourself. I love you.

Kori Beyer said...

thanks guys.

Rachel! I didn't know you were reading. How's life?

Murray. Thanks, good luck with the job hunt. I'll give you the scoop on teh Japnanese Engrish schools anytime if you like.

Kitty. I miss you too! Good luck with the knitting! Send me pics and I'll do the same.

much love all