Sunday, January 29, 2006

on NOT winning, and bloggies

It's true. I can't claim that I'm not a competetive person with a straight face. Or at least not with out a cold cold gleam in my eye.

I play card games with my kids and I laugh at the 5 year olds when they lose.
When my students make too many special annoying requests, I make the class too hard on purpose.
I resent the substitute teacher who didn't keep MY paperwork in it's anal retentive perfectionistic compulsive state.
I enjoy group therapy because it makes me feel superiour to the other crazies.

Deep down I have a very cold mean streak that wants to be better than everyone else. To feel better about this major personality flaw, I tell myself that everyone has a mean streak. But since mine is way better, the justification doesn't really console me. funny that.

So I found out today that, like the Grammies and Emmies, there are "Bloggies." Its a yearly competition where they find the best of the best. Currently there is voting. Check it out at , if you like.

Now I know that my blog isn't SO special. My pictures are low quality. My writing is hit and miss. My topics aren't so unique. But then I checked out the finalists for "Best Asian Weblog." I'd seen "Tokyo Girl" before and been amused but it wasn't so good that I check back with her and her daily trials. And I looked at teh others too... my blog is way better. I rock so much more.

Now, if "" was one of the top five, I wouldn't feel so bad. I think his pictures and site is awesome (and not just because he has some stunning nudes). But no! What kinda cracked up competition is this!

So now I will go back to being a kind and caring teacher, friend, and expat. I will smile at the old ladies and offer my seat to them on the train. I'll say "Hello!" five katrillion times a day to the muchkins like I mean it. I will return to the lovely and patient person that you once knew.

This was just a blip in reality.

and I did have to check out the finalists in the other categories and a lot of them are pretty cool. These are my picks
Austrillian/New Zeland:
African/Middle Eastern:
Latin America:
(partially because I can't read the ones in Spanish)
I'll finsih the list later. need a break from the computer screen. is nominated a bunch of times and I'm sure I'll end up voting for them a bunch too. This week is especially good.


dajii said...

Your esteemed supiorior bloggednst'

I will go to the site and vote you to the bone and back. Indeed, your quality reigns. In fact, you totally kick ass. You crack me up.

I will go the the many blogspots listed and share in the bloggermania. Thank you.

Love you a billion bits,


Anonymous said...

Lee and I just read a lot of your back posts to catch up. Wonderful, just felt like we were there. We have a package on the way tomorrow. Not much going on here, had a big dump of snow last night, maybe 5" of heavy wet stuff.

Tokyo sounds so interesting. Nothing like China but my visit was quite transitory, no comparison to living there and getting the day to day experience.

Exciting about the opportunities, always ride the wave out you can't replace the experience no matter how the ride ends. You can always use the ride to tell good stories if needed and reflect on the experience for the future.

Sounds like interesting nite times. Oh to be young again. Not sure I could live through it again though.

George & Lee