Monday, February 06, 2006

first propoganda, then 9/11

or at least that was the order of the clubs in Roppongi last weekend. My friend's (ok, ok, I guess I can introduce him as "the new boy") birthday was Saturday and so we hit the town after work. He lives in Roppongi, the foriegner night life neighborhood in Tokyo.

You know you've settled into life in Japan when too many white faces in one space make you nervous. It's like you have to watch your wallet again. Like you have to be careful of all these things that you are always careful of in America but get slack about in Japan because there is so little crime.

I sometimes forget to really appreciate how safe I feel in Japan. There are many things taht factor into "quailty of life" like having enough money for rent AND food. Or the length and stress of your commute. Or the amount of green in your neighborhood. Ease of communication, ease of excersize and access to chosen social circles/hobbies. These are all important and some are better or worse than in America. But when I walk home at night and don't feel as scared as I did on the U of O campus, that is a huge difference. I think that constant drip of adrenaline that I felt when I left or stayed at the lab really late is really bad for the health.

So I guess I'm just ramblin but trying to say taht it is so nice to both live in a huge city and not feel in danger all the time. how crazy is taht? It's like a totally foriegn experience!

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