Thursday, February 23, 2006

rainy disney

bright and bushy tailed we emabarked on a trip to the magical kingdom.

as pre arranged (and pre-ordained, one could argue) we met at The Boy's apartment at 10am. Five of us pried ourselves away from a warm spacious apartment stocked with delicious Costco grapes and Olympic Curling on AFN (American Forces Netowork) and prepared for our journey.

we squeezed into The Boy's car, believing it to be the proper medium to convey us to the magical disney land. as there were five of us and we were in high spirits, it seemed a better choice than fighting trains packed with less jovial Japanese Salarymen.

after an hour and a half of getting lost and driving (mistakenly) around the imperial palace, we were losing faith in the superior qualities of the personal automobile rather than public transportation. After yelling out the window at cab drivers in broken Japanese asking for directions and nearly killing two bicyclists (they were prepared for their narrowly escaped fate, already fit with serious expressions and wearing black), we found our way to the Magic kingdom.

our jovialness had turned to anxious giddyness as our hunger and bathroom needs compounded the longer than neccessary sleigh ride. however, after the appropriate recepticals and stalls were visited, energy consumption comensed and soon we were back to our originial and quickly soaring jovialness.

Even though it was raining and the dear weather men promised more rain all day, our spirits were not as ready to get wet as our shoes. We finally left the parking lot and boarded the Disney Train and headed to Tokyo Disney Sea (not to be confused with Tokyo Disney Land, which is for munchins. not stupid adults. which we promised to be.)

after inadvisably skipping through cold puddles and acting like loud overly sugared American children we were ready to head to our first ride: Journey to the Center of the Earth. oooo aaaah. it was pretty sweet. and since it was a monday it was only a 25 minute wait (or so they said, felt much faster, but such is life with friends, eh?)

next was 20,000 leagues under the sea. I imagine it was much better if you understood the constant Japanese narration, but as it was we were not impressed. Next we were headed to Indianna Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull... but first we needed popcorn. oh yes. and lots of it.

in the car we began to fantasize about one of our companions described as "popcorn feed bags" that come in all sorts of flavors and you hang around your neck. we were ridiculously excited to find them. and in coconut flavor.

the boys demonstrate:

as you can imagine, we quickly became just another spectical of Disney Land as we chowed down on popcorn and then cackled loudly at ourselves. we had a blast and as the day got colder and rainier, the crowds thinned out.

after more rides and too much popcorn we took a coffee/soup break to warm up. by the time we got out it had gotten dark and the park was quiet empty. aparently, the japanese are no match for cold soggy feet. it was really fun because there was no wait for any of the rides.

we were the champions, the survivors, and as we rode the rides for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, time we made sure to yell out a lu lu lu lu lu trilling battle cry. as the rides began and ended and anywhere that gave us inspiration in between we would trill in unison

lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu

and by the time we left we could hear other brave groups yell out the same battle cry to let a good time not be ruined by wet feet and stomach aches caused by extrodinary amounts of popcorn. it was a battle cry that began sincerly and ended in giggles. it was a great signiture for a hell of a day.


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