Sunday, February 26, 2006

snuffle rooster

I have a lot to write about in the last week.

I had the first couch surfer stay with me.

almost quit my biotech gig.

got observed for a day but a pseudo big shot teacher.

spent the night out at karaoke in Roppongi.
I'll write more about each when I get a chance but util then: here's teh email I sent to myself last night:

(no subject)
to me 2:12 am (14 hours ago)

nstersrntffle ro

I was trying to remind myself that at the time "snuffle-rooster" was really really ridiculously funny late Saturday night.

and the journey continues

EDIT: the ezweb address is edited out because I dont' want to spam on that address. it's for my phone so when I get an email there my phone rings or buzzes and wakes me up. a better way to reach me is though my gmail or priest account. don't know? just ask. Down with spam bots!!!


inkandpen said...

I look forward to reading your adventure stories.



Kori Beyer said...

thanks girl. I need that kick to finish a story and throw it out here.

sooooo busy!