Saturday, February 18, 2006

a nitty gritty, not especially witty update

so my weekend looks like it will be quiet full. so really I should get to bed. but I don't feel like it. as usual. it's less and less like insomnia and more just like obstanance. I would have had another beer with my co-workers but they wanted to go see Munich and I wasn't interested in some serious movie. So it's 2am and I'm online instead. Damn. I'd rather be out. but I have the rest of the weekend for that.

the plan:

tomorrow (Sunday) meet Mick (friend from Beppu) for undecided adventures. I don't know if he has a plan or not. I certainly don't. but I usually don't. so it's all good. I'll get to practice my Japanese and who knows....

depending on how long we are out, may go out dancing or out with The Boy (editor's note: "the boy" is not my "boyfriend" as usual, definitions are hazy but really "boyfriend" doesn't describe the arrangement. ) and his other English teacher friends. or not.

Monday: Tokyo Disney Land. oh yeah baby. you know you're jealous. though we may go to Tokyo Disney Sea instead, which is more for adults and allows drinking. this misadventure (if there's drinking it's got to be a misadventure) will be with The Boy and his friends. we may run over small children. I may have to hide from my munchin students. I may act like a complete fool. I'm not sure what Tokyo Disney will inspire. What strange urges will it create. What trouble will I be compelled to cause.

updates will comense as possible. naturally.

but in other past events:

I totally kicked the ass of the stupid evil cold taht the toddlers gave me. I'm much better. I didn't even go out to karaoke and ruin my voice again. I am so good.

I changed up my commute to Shnnme. It's still 3 different lines to get there but the new route is less crowded (and therefore less germ infested, damn Tokyo rats) and less than an hour! Swaheet. Less than an hour. it's a little more expensive but Ye Ol' Eikaiwa pays, so I don't care. I'm totally psyched. plus it's always good to shake things up a bit.

KM got a new manager! my friend Akemi has left/quit or something. when I asked she just kept saying "Mini Me!!!" "Mini Me!!!" which is code for "I need my usualy 3 glasses of socho on the rocks before I'll discuss this" So I'm sad that my friend isn't there anymore.

but the new manager (Junko) seems to have her shit together much better. though her English is worse, but I'll just get to practice my Japanese more, right? ne? ne?

no news about the alterna-job other than that I'M COMPLETELY RETHINKING THE WHOLE THING. God, I'm such a dork. Everytime I get what I want I realize I don't want it. Slap me now.

but the thing is taht I realized that editing doesn't make me nearly as happy as teaching. so maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry to ditch the teaching gig. really science didn't make me nearly this happy. so why should I go back?

I had a good conversation with The Boy about this and asked him, "Don't you think it's ridiculous that I want a job more presitgious than teaching? Doesn't that make me like a horrible person for wanting something just because it give me better bragging rites?"

but he laughed at me and reminded me that for any guy you always want something that most prestigious because that's how you can get the most chicks. doesn't matter how much the plumber makes. the chicks want the Lawyer/Politician/Docotor.

so I felt better getting that out of my system and realizing that I really just do love teaching. Plus some of the textbooks are at the 6 month mark of when I got here so I already have a bunch of the lessons planned and made and stored away! super cool. way less work from here on out. this is gonna rock.

It is unfortunate that I look completely evil in this picture.

I also got my bike put together and went on an awesome ride last weekend. I took a couple of pics. I'll try and make a post soemtime soon. there were two awesome matching stray cats. and a really old guy rollerblading. and Pony Land. who could ask for more?

and finally, I have a new neighbor that I'm looking forward to meeting properly. So there's a Ye Ol' Eikaiwa in Shinkoiwa with one Native teacher, who lives in my apartment building. we briefly met and other than being impressed with his British accent, I really don't know anythng about him. yet. that's exciting too.

so things are good. of course they go up and down but the average is high.
updates on old friends and Tokyo Disney Adventures coming soon.


Jim said...

There is a wonderful book(s) by Parker Palmer. It is called, "The Courage to Teach". I like that title because I do think teaching takes great courage, especially in the face of low wages and the low respect level (particularly here in the USA). But there are so many other ways that courage comes into play. To be a good teacher, you have to know yourself. Or at least be on the journey of knowing oneself. This takes mighty courage. What better journey is there. Palmer talks about the necesity to be integrated and to align oneself with one's true self so that you teach from your core. So much of teaching is based on how much information you get across, but unless there in an alignment of self, student and material, the teaching often falls flat. I'm sure you know this already.

Palmer has another book called, "Let your life Speak". It too is a wonderful book about his depression and his climbing out of it.

You may leave teaching someday, but for now I hear you listening to your inner voice and that is what counts.

By the way, that Poem I sent was by Mary Oliver. It is called, "the journey"

another one of her poems you might like is, "Wild Geese"

All light and love,


Murray said...

Get yer damn sleep! =P

Missing you, too.


Dajii said...

Wonderful Kori,

i am glad you rethink your life on a regular basis. Though it's gotta sting a little. The urge to launch into somthing new where you recive fresh accolades for your brilliance and competance is strong in us, has us commiting ourselves to an overload of projects, and is not necessarly good for us. you are wise to consider what really makes YOU happy, not the world around you, who will always want you for everything.

I love your evil picture. you look fantastic. thank you for that. Am off to the coast tomorrow, and further adventures after that. Overcommiting here too. can't take my own advice, sort of a way of inforcing order on our minds, but scrambling everything in the process. I am so very happy that you have a nice "boy" to talk of the abstract in life. very happy for you.
Some thoughts from the quilt...

Skitty sleep upon the bed
mouse breath a-blowing on my head
little body the mass of lead
a weight of comfort, unlike the dead
But now awake, my limbs to ped
purring in my ear it said
I'll be a comfort to your soul, nice Ned
When will it learn, my name is Fred

Miss you so. Think often of being in your endless streets with you. Continue with the greatnes that you are.
Much much love, Dajii

Kiki said...

Hejsan Kori,
I, too, love your picture. Two beautiful girls!! I wish I could hug you. Tell us the tale of you and friends at Disney (as much as you can). 'Misadventure' and 'Disney' have a most tantalizing aroma.
Just finishing The Kite Runner about Afghanistan, very bitter-sweet and sad, very human emotions. It makes me think of all we have to learn & understand about the different peoples in the world we live with, and you are out there doing just that. More power to you.
A thought on your wondering about all the possibilities in front of you... Don Juan said to ask of ourselves one simple question, "Does it have heart?"
I love you. Take care.