Tuesday, October 04, 2005

this post is brought to you by douglas adams

perhaps it's time for some real skewed snapshots. thanks to my little phone I can be totally sly about taking pictures of my commute. this partiular guy amused me with his 15 intent yet subtle nose pick, examine, repeat routine. in combination with high water pants hemmed with saftey pins, I was amused for a good half of my commute.

it took so long before I sat down and bought and read 'hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' but I read it way too fast. over in a week and now I sit watching strange men in high water pants pick their nose.

but what is the answer, you foolishly ask, "42."
but what is the question then, you foolishly ponder.
"how many roads must a man walk down" you gaullibly consider.


Anonymous said...

a man, a woman, has to walk down a whole lot of roads, has to cross a whole lot of rivers, has to climb a whole lot of mountains. how many? whatever that person needs. love mum
good snap shot. love it

Anonymous said...

Did this guy use the wooden tool for th picking? recall you gave me one, but is lost. Yes, So many rivers to cross, but where does the journey lead. Love you both, Dajii