Monday, October 10, 2005


to say the least, I've been busy. so busy, in fact that I'm teaching over 25 hours a week and if this keeps up I will be in violation of the new contracts. Kevin has the same problem. the school is going bonkers. the new contracts were, in part, created because the NOVA teaching union raised a fuss and now, if foriegn workers are full time, we must pay into the pension program. now no one is happy about that (except the NOVA union, I suppose) so I am now technically only working part time. not supposed to work more that 29.5 hours a week. not supposed to teach for more than 25. its all bullshit and causing a lot of problems. I currently getting to school at least an hour early and staying at least an hour late so that I can prepare for all these classes and do all the paperwork.

the best that could come of all this would be that head office could realize that KM needs me full time. and I could work just one place. that would be lovely... but I'm not holding my breath. I've been thinking more and more about what I want to do next and no longer feel so caught up in the details of the current situation. more thoughts will come in following posts. but I'm not currently feeling like I need stay. I'm feeling like I should keep moving. I'm feeling and thinking a lot recently.

things are going well, but damn busy. so the gray spots are classes I teach at KM, the yellow is a teachers meeting, and the pink are classes I teach at Shnnme. I tried to add some info to the spots but I think it's too fuzzy to see. sorry.

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