Monday, October 10, 2005

by request: wish list

since both my birthday, and in the distance christmas, is coming up AND some of y'all fans asking about what I want: here's a wish list. but don't send anything yet. I want to confirm the school address that you should send stuff to.

big stuff, to be done together and as combined bday/xmas:
my bike. I miss it. I would ride around on weekends along the endless river paths if I had it.
why this is a big thing to ask--for one, the shipping is probably expensive
two--it needs to be properly packaged, there are boxes for bikes
three- it needs to be fixed first. the brakes are close to useless and one of the spokes needs to be fixed. so, if anyone is interested in helping with this project, I would suggest taking it to a nice bike shop and asking their advice about tune up, fixing the spoke, and in'tl shipping. I can pick it up at the Narita airport if necessary.

smaller stuff:
books. cheap fast read books. they are really expensive here but really good train enterainment.
specific requests:
guide books like "Lonely Planet" "Lets GO" and anything else intended for the young, broke, and dirty about SE asia. maybe elena can offer some suggestions.
Bonnie Raitt "luck of the draw" music book. specifically I want to learn "papa come quick" but they are all good songs and there aren't any good tabs online
html coding for dummies, or me. that's right, no that I'm not dating a computer geek I pass my own time learning to code. how do you think my web site ended up weird colors?
Tom Robbins: "Jitterbug Perfume" I can't find it here. or "another roadside attractions" I can find some of his either books but I want JP....

also, if you send personal statements about what americans think of japan, how americans think about time, why people are vegetarian/vegan, american school system, K-12 or college, american families, values, country life, social work ect ect I might use them in class. so think simple and provocative. send some pictures of yourself too.

also postcards, espicially of oregon. but all over, too.

did I leave my Gotan Project cd? could someone send it? it would compliment my zen commuting project.

any suggestions for websites with news in easy english?

vitamins (I've got my fair share of vitamine C but nothing else)

happy brave thoughts. always send lots of those.

I love you all. thanks.


Anonymous said...

OK. Sending the Ranchero filled with vitamines. Glad you don't feel obligated to stay and "tough it out". it's a bbbbig world out there. But get a suitcase of money before you head to some distant rice paddy. I have heard that there's lots happening in Penom Pen. Billions in forgin aid is fueling all sorts of reconstruction and upgrading to a capitalist society. Undoubtadly they want english teachers, among other things.
Glad you are well, much love,

Anonymous said...

looking into the bike possibiliy. wondering what a bike is worth over there vs the cost of fixing and shipping from here. $150?? $200??
love mum