Tuesday, September 20, 2005

traveler extrodaneir

after visiting Akihabara and seeing some street performers, I was re-inspired to think about my place in the world. do I want to live in Japan? (if so, is Ye Ol' Eikaiwa the best option) do I want to travel all over the world (again, is Ye Ol' Eikaiwa my best strategy?) do I want to migrate back to science??

and I came up with a short list of skill that can be useful anywhere in the world.

1. English -- better to have teaching experience and a certificate of some kinda, but English alone and any degree are a huge asset

2. Hair scissors -- everyone needs their hair cut, styled, and general pampering. as my co-worker Keven said of his barber who costs equivalent of $40 for a cut (though not an uncommon price here), "Its worth every yen because he speaks English and tells me I look like Tom Cruise."

3. Smile purdy and pour that booze -- bartending skills

4. Any kind of performing. singing. dancing. sketching. posing. comedy. the less of a language barrier the better.

I have a vision of finding a pretty female tango dancer and getting a stereo and dancing in the street. taking turns leading. tuned into each other and the crowd.


Anonymous said...

ah, to be a street performer and travel the world, making people smile, picking up your hat full of coins and paper, catching a train. do you remember the puppeteer on the paris metro?
love, mum

Tamara said...

HI KORI!!! I've been meaning to write something on here for a while. Want me to poke all the LaPuta folk and tell them to start typing up here? :) We should! btw, could you post your address in a very obvious post so I can find it and mail stuff to you?
Here's some smiles from Eugene for you: :) :P :)