Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm told that 'akihabara' literlally means "home of the geeks." It has gained fame for high tech electronics, ridiculous amounts of anime, techies who speak all sorts of useful lanugages (like English).

I visited with my friend from training. It wasn't as amazing as I supposed, but still pretty damn cool. there are multiple 7 story buildings filled with video archades. there are alleys full of tiny shops selling cameras, electronic dicitonaries, and stereos. there are shops full of music. there are girls passing out advertisements that look like anime characters. there are sights to be seen here, in this little corner of the world for geeks.

when I actually have disposible income, I'll be tempted to go back...

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Anonymous said...

there is a fleet of geek mobiles here. they are the newer VW's painted B/W. the drivers i've seen have all been men dressed in white shirts. it's the Geek Patrol, presumedly making housecalls for sick computers.
deer eat the last of the rose blossoms in the yard.
love, mum