Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm so young

one of the spoils of one of my more recent failed relationships was a book of poetry called Ten by Tennesse. she has a poem called “I’m so young” and she details all these things she is still getting away with (not paying bills, being unkind, ect) by telling herself she is still so young.

being in Japan makes me feel young in the best sort of way. people say ’24?’ that’s the perfect age to be here. many of my friends are early thirties.

I’m so young that this adventure is well timed and not ill-conceived.
I’m so young I can tease my students about references to American TV shows that I don’t know (really because I didn’t watch TV)
I’m so young that I’m thrilled all the time
I’m so young that it’s easy to be pissed off at seening McDonalds and Starbuck on every goddanm corner
I'm so young that staying up till 3am at a karaoke bar with my fellow teacher and singing untill I'm horse is a perfect saturday night
I’m so young

but really… if you didn’t know how old you were, what age would you be


Anonymous said...

i'm so young that i believe god appears as trees
i'm so young i can laugh at off-color jokes
i'm so young that my parents will never die
i'm so young that each morning is a clean slate
i'm so young that there is more than one new beginning in my life ahead
i'm so young that i blush
i'm so young that i love my children shamelessly

Katie said...

I feel old most days.

Old because we have to be up so early that we go to bed by 10.

Old because the kitten is doing cute kitten things and I want her to be quiet so I can work.

Old because I shut my door to keep the noise out.

Old because I'd rather stay home than go out, even with people I like.

Old because I seem to like fewer and fewer people all the time.

Old because there is always more to do than I have time for, because I am always behind and worried about it.

Old, and tired.

Nice socks.


Kori Beyer said...
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Kori Beyer said...

wow, you make me regret not going to grad school when you put it like that...

hang in there babe. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

if only the good die young...

am i young?

i don't know, it's been a long weekend

i don't feel like any of those things on balance

so i suppose i'll jump right on with listy mclistypants and her cohorts..

the young:
someone once said "if there's 3 there's 30..." let's see, 27 to go...

i like to get lost

i want to see madagascar

i can still run with/wrestle my dog from middle school, and hug my grandpa in a weekend

i can still drink with reckless abandon multiple nights a week without worrying about my liver

i can't rent a car most places in the states

i'm contantly examining my beliefs and pushing my boundaries

i'm still in school

The old:

i've been in school 20 years

in less than a year i'll be a lawyer

i drive the speed limit with both hands on the wheel

i live alone with a diabetic cat

i "grew up" without these fancy internets

i'm contantly examining my beliefs and pushing my boundaries

it's my bedtime

so if i didn't know i was 24, i'd say that list would put me at 24