Wednesday, September 21, 2005

poscards from lee and george

yes. they arrived. a troubled flight it seems.

mailed before I left, the letter says. aug 17th on the postage
it made it to katsushika (my ward of tokyo) on the 25th but couldn't find my address (sorry, my fault. my apt number 205)

so the postcards found their way back to lee and george who are tenacious in their efforts and mail it back out on the 13th of sept.
and it arrived today, on the 21st.

so, if the stars are aligned, an air mail letter will arrive in about a week.

thank you!! I will put them up in my classroom this week. for that matter, I'll put almost anything you send me up in my classroom. so, if you want pen pals, feel free to write an intro letter and I'll offer the opprotunity to my students. many of them are busy business men and women... or under 5years old. but I think some of the other teachers may have interested students.

thank you!! I was having a frusterating day and it cheered me up.


Anonymous said...

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Dajii said...

I take it from following the covlouted course of L & G's post cards, that the address in the first batch of blogs is incorrect.
I'm thinking it goes somthing like this:
Apt. #205
LeoPlace 2024-38-11
Shinkoiwa Katsushika-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Will this get you a card? Or is the format somthing else weird? Kindly inform.

Thinking how great it will be to see you in the spring. Either there (which I'd like to see), on the barrier reef (AU), or some where in between, like the north coast of Boreno. Got to be some sunken Chinese treasure ship or some rare tree fungi we can amuse ourselves with there.

Just got a third hover job, so like anonymous said, I'm gonna get rich.

Very cool blog, most wonderful daughter, Love, Dajii