Thursday, September 22, 2005

perhaps luck hates the sober mind

ever wonder what the first train in the morning looks like?
this one left at 4:27am.

they say that luck favors the prepared mind, but my experiences are proving otherwise. the two times I have turned down staying out with my coworkers and drinking I

1)got very lost the first night

2) missed the last train home last night. bummer.

we went out to dinner because today is a holiday (check out the rabbit in the moon but I missed the right bus to connect to the last train by 30sec and ended up stuck half way.

so I hung out at an internet cafe type place. got my own little room for a late night special of 5 hours for 800 yen (like 7 or 8 bucks, best 800 yen I've spent in recent memory)

I chatted online with some lovely people who I love to death for keeping my company. so if you want to chat with me, let me know what your handle/screen name is. maybe the next time I'm up all night online, you can find me and keep me company.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I have added it to my list,
and will check back often.

Best Wishes,
Cheaper Gas

dev said...

not that I'm up late, but with the time shift... :)

Dajii said...

Loved keeping you company in the 800 yen room. Any time kiddo. But please be a little more dilligent in getting some snores in. The inssominiac gene is not supposed to kick in till your 40's. If you keep this up, you'll really be bleary eyed by then. course I'll still be awake, so we can chat then too. Love ya like the bird loves the air, Dajii

Anonymous said...

Say Kori,

could you get me a bucket of these regulators? Might want to re-grow a few parts. Fountain of youth?