Sunday, September 25, 2005

address confusion (update)

(pic soon to be uploaded)

not surprisingly, there have been problems getting mail to me. here's my new suggestion of how to write my address. Since the Japanese like their addresses "upside down" here you go

Katsushika - ku
Shinkoiwa, 4 chome 38-11
LeoPalace Shinkoiwa #205
Corinna Beyer

that's closer to how it's registered with the government.
I got mail from Meimi and Bapa today (25th) that is postmarked the 17th. 80 cents. thank you thank you.

mom has also successuful sent me many letters to

Kori Beyer
Leo Palace #205 4-38-11
Shnkoiwa Katsushika-ku
Tokyo Japan

either way, just make sure your letters are really really legitable. one thing no english school teachs is how to read bad handwritting.

I have a request. Please send me postcards of Oregon. Thanks to the fam. I have lots of Washington (Akemi, my manager/friend was really excited about the razor clams) but I need some of Oregon and everywhere. Otherwise the decorations on my walls in my classroom just look weird and unbalanced.

I miss you all.
Hope this clears up some confusion. and I love checking my posts and seeing comments from everyone. Thanks!

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