Sunday, September 11, 2005

stage 2

though, I’m not sure what stage one was, exactly… maybe it was the 8 classes I taught that day and the one drink before dinner. maybe it was all the meat on a stick type things for dinner and no carbos to soak up the alcohol. (and there was horse, for sure, this time—and can’t eat cow with a clear conscience and not eat horse, so I eat raw horse when necessary. Its actually really good…. if you like raw red meat)

and then, we went to a Mexican bar with fake cactuses and tequila. ‘we’ being two other English teachers, Kevin and Yoshi (see morning train post for pics) and Yoshi’s friend, Cala.

and then there was Stage2

hip hop club with a cover that included a drink. a hip hop club with crappy djs that would play with the beat whenever I could get into it a little. and then there was the live act.

then there were live Japanese rappers. bling bling and all. if I wasn’t so exhausted, I would have pissed myself laughing. In Japanese, as far as I can tell, you can say things are funny as in they are interesting (omoshiroi) or they are strange (okashi). or you can say that something makes you want to laugh—but most people don’t use that phrase. so, all I can say it was more okashi than I would have expected.

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Anonymous said...

japanese rap!!! wow. what a kick. what do they talk about - the mean streets, the ho's, the po-lice???
it's great how you're able to make friends right off the bat. good thing you didn't inherit the "social anxiety" gene from the miller side. or you did inherit it and then banished it from your world by sheer force. which is probably more the case.
love to imagine you exploring tokyo.
from afar ~ mum