Sunday, September 11, 2005


pic of me taken by my friend and fellow Ye Ol' Eikaiwa, fresh off the boat teacher, and salsa dancing enthusiast, Allison

so far, even the busy trains and people everywhere have not made me feel like I’m in a big American city. it doesn’t have the same city quality. but tonight I went to Roppongi—famous for foreign food, tourists, clubs galore, and being the most dangerous place in Tokyo. but not so dangerous compared to even Eugene or Seattle, I think. but, for the first time, I felt the same sense that I have in a big city. it’s the “where exactly is my wallet and why are you talking to me, response” Strangers were aggressive (and foreign) the sex trade seemed obvious (and also foreign but probably E. European).

My friend Allison and I went to find a Salsa club, which was quite a bust because it is Sunday and all decent Japanese people work on Monday morning. but we did find one and in mean time had some really good Indian food (after getting directions at a Starbucks, I continue to decline to drink their sludge).

so overall, it was an uneventful evening… but with the seemingly large capacity for disaster in the area, I’m OK with that

maybe I’ll go back with some of my guy friends. hey Dan, when are you going to visit, already??

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