Friday, September 09, 2005

phonics and feminism

in otherwords, I teach whatever I want. as long as it's in English.

yesterday I discussed feminism in Japan with one of my high level students.
today I'm pissed that I seem to have lost my favorite lipstick.

I'm getting lost less. commute pic inclosed

I'm setteling in a bit more every day.
I'm fighting both exhaustion and insomnia. funny that.
my feeting are pissed. --blister pic, inclosed

but I hope to go salsa dancing in tokyo this weekend with a teacher from training anyway.

I'm shooting for 5 posts a week. sorry I'm slacking this week. once I get a bit more organized, I should have more interesting, less scattered perhaps, things to say...

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Anonymous said...

moleskin. relaxation breathing. imaging camping in the west. only one foot in front of the other. only one.