Wednesday, September 07, 2005

daily trials

it may seem ridiculous, but I'm having a difficult doing laundry. for one, the buttons on the machine are in Japanese. but I can read the 'start-o' button and my socks are dirty... so I give it a try with moderate success. moderate meanign I can get part of the cycle going and then it stops for some reason I can't comprehend. and I can get it going again.

it stops with standing water. and the Japanese still perfer the traditional way of drying cloths... slowly dripping dry in 80% humidity. so here is an artsy pic of a dripping sock.

I hope you have better luck seperating your metaphorical colors from your metaphorical whites.

btw: I've set up IM with msn.
tiger_logic a@t
you know what I mean, you non-bot friends of mine.
add me if you like, we can compare time zones.


Anonymous said...

are these machines in your apt ? or in some laundrymat? yeah, nothing like drying clothes in high humidity.
like your links. wondering how much coverage the japanese give to the hurricane/bureacracy/bush administration victims. 10's of thousands of people dispersed across the US to places they've nevr been before.
it shadows the war here for awhile which of course should never ever leave the front page.
any news on a diff. apt?
love, mum

Kori Beyer said...

I have my own little washer, actually. it's probably about half the size of an Am. one. most J. people have their own and keep it on their tiny patio.

next step, find a good 'cleaningu' place for my suit pants.