Friday, August 26, 2005

what piss???

I had to try it eventually. Not so bad, really. the 'cal' is for calcium, as is the milky color... aparently the 'pis' just sounded good to some rep at the time. too bad they didn't have an English consultant.

I try and get something different everyday. yesterday it's "calpis" today it's "c.c. lemon"

but now back to prep for classes. Saturdays are the busiest.


Anonymous said...

yes kori, DO write anything you want. to hell with the sweet relatives. they need to know you better methinks.
ah, your weekend is coming up. what will you do?
love that digital camera.
love. mum

Anonymous said...

Hello tomorrow lady. It will be Satuday for us tomorrow. So I will call you the Tomorrow Lady.

Your site looks great and what a nice way to let us know what is going on.

Your Uncle, Jim