Saturday, August 27, 2005

too tired

first day 100% on my own. 315 min of lessons. went well. maybe not great, but well.

to practice disagreeing with opinions did a roleplay with an inventor pitching an idea to a hesitant boss. My student invented a little crab to be the perfect pet... and smell like lavender.

practicing free v flee

getting through 2 solid hours with 4 adults talking about Japanese and American culture. including Japanese weddings, holidays invented by shopping centers--like valentines day, learning that a zipper is prounced 'fastener' in Japanese, hearing from teh Manager that this class would like to go out with me to relax

and now sleeping
tomorrow, more adventures


Katie said...

Hm. What does it mean to get "go out and relax." Sounds like work to me...



Anonymous said...

yeah. go out and relax? do they need it or do they think you need it? does it mean a late night bar party while their wives keep dinner warm at home? what the hell is going on here?
love. mum

Anonymous said...

i knew you would just fall into teaching. i think it's great that you think things went well. that's a lot of minutes in one day. and the adults with their friggin long attention spans. congratulations!!!!
love, mum

Anonymous said...

You're there! You're teaching! You're amazing! The lavender scented crab-pet is great. No news from NYC - tourists are still wandering the streets, enjoying their last week of summer. I'm thinking of you & love your blogs!! Take care of yourself and beware of those "relaxing" get-togethers.... xoxo your cousin Elena