Monday, August 29, 2005

clarification on relaxing

everyone here is very suspicious if you don't go out and drink with them (on Sat.) though, drinking is a euphamism for hanging out... you could nurse half a drink all night and probably still be cool enough. but it's kinda weird if you don't go out.

so I've gone back to being a guintonicu girl (gin and tonic, right?) -- which began on my 17th birthday in Japan. but it's easy to order and I like the taste of pine-needles.

you have to be careful about bringing enough money because no one uses cards, just cash and after a couple of hours of ordering drinks and food usually people split the bill in equal parts. and since there is never any tipping the bill is divided exactly. $21 each, for example.

but it feels good to socialize with my students and collegues. it makes me feel like I can have a sucessfull life here--not just with lesson planing or not getting lost but also fitting into a group. I like my fellow teachers, they are friendly and seem to have a good sense of humor. At the KM school (formally called Chiba or Kaihin Makuharu) there are two other NETs (Native English Teachers), Kevin is from Illinois and Angela is from Toronto. There are two JETs (Japanese English Teachers) Kantaro lived in Kentuky for a couple of years and Yoshi lived in Austrilia for (maybe)3 years and they are a lot of fun too. My manager is from Oita!!! small world (Oita is the city right by Beppu, where I did my exchange) She's very nice and cool. Her English is pretty good and I think I can eventually get her to give me some real critique--she won't tell me anything bad yet, other than that my students think I'm nervous. true, of course.

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