Thursday, August 25, 2005


yeah, if getting lost everyday and not speaking the language wasn't enough of a challenge... now we get a little taifu! (or typhoon, as you weird people like to say)

It's pouring outside and will continue for the next couple of days, or so I'm told. Theoretically, class could be canceled, but apparently that's super unlikely. But maybe none of my little little kids tomorrow will brave the storm.

tomorrow, my first class is kids between the ages of 18months and 2 years!! they can't even speak Japanese and I'm teaching them O O O Octopus. O O O Otter.

This is the youngest class offered but apparently there is demand for even younger classes. We turn down parents with kids that are 15 month, for example. I'm sorry, you have to WAIT until your child is 18months before we will teach them. I'm sorry but 18 months is the youngest.

I know the parents mean well. They're paying about $50 and hour (45 min classes) for me to teach these little munckins. They want there kids to get a jump on... their classmates ...academic life ....??? but I find it kinda scary that they are so ambitious for their kids. These kids definitely have other classes too. English class may be on Tuesdays but they probably have piano or swimming or tennis or cram school or ...... on Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon

I'm told that parents of 8 year olds will come in and be very worried that it's too late for their kids to start. They are afraid that at EIGHT YEARS OLD their kid has missed the boat.

and I just keep thinking how my dear mother held me back from kindergarden so that I could play in the dirt one more year.

love you mom!!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow 18 months. toddlers, little toddlers. i guess there isn't enough dirt in tokyo to accomodate all those toddlers. so what is the idea for using english when they are grown up. come to the US? or deal with american biz people in their own country. are there french lessons available somewhere?
soooo glad to hear you air conditioning, hon. and now it pours. sounds like the tropics.
love you. mum