Friday, August 01, 2008

Day 2 Cycling Tohoku

Day one had a late start and after about 4 hours on the train, I rolled out of Sendai around 1'30.

I'm realizing that this trip will be a lot about learning how to go with the flow. The road that looks good on the map may actually suck. or not exist. there has been a fair amount of getting lost so far but I'm feeling good this morning.

I made it to Ishinomaki and could see fireworks from my hotel window.

the adventures continue...


Claudious said...

I'm excited for your adventure and wish I could join you, those fireworks I imagine as something out of a fairy tale. Part of me wants to draw a similarity between the way the roads look on a map vs what they really are to life.

Glad you're safe.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kori!! This is Claudia from Hiroko`s house! I came from Italy to study Japanese and Japanese culture! Hiroko and Misaki are very nice to me and I`m having a great time!
How was Tohoku?
I hope you`re having a wonderful time too!
On the 23rd I`m leaving for Kyoto, where I will be staying with my friends for a week. After that I`m going back to Italy!
Enjoy your trip!
Claudia and Hiroko and Misaki