Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prepping the Tohoku Adventure... Day -1

I'm packing and it's not even the night before. weird.

What I'm taking (as a habit, I write down as I pack so I don't have to unpack to see what I put in... that sucks)

washing clothes kit--small portions of powder detergent, hanger clips, sink plug
washing self kit-- half a bar of soap, tiny bottle of shampoo, face soap, razor, nail clippers, tooth brush, Q-tips, scissors

that's right scissors. I plan to hack my hair off as I spontaneously see fit. but be sure to get back to Tokyo in time to have someone else fix it before I have to work again.

fixing self kit- needle and thread, athletic tape, sunblock, bug spray (12% deet), anti itch cream, pain killers, tweezers, "chunDy aftersun Repair Lotion"-- I think it's aloe, bandaides, chapstick.

other useful things: notebook, compass, safty pins, alarm clock, geeky band to keep my glasses from falling off my face, pen, camera cable, batteries

fixing bike kit
multi tool
red electrical tape
bungee cords
parts "left over" because I'm only attaching my pannier rack on three points, rather than the intended four... the brakes are in the way on the other point... but seems solid

bike shorts
2 sports bras
3 shirts
2 pajama/other pants

every peice of clothing had to pass the "can I ride in it? yes." "can I sleep in it? yes." test. no points awarded for style. well, I award myself tons of point for the yellow red theme... but that's just me.
(things actually in the bag-- some aren't because I will wear them, they are in the wash... etc.)
5 pairs of underwear
2 short sleeved T shirts
1 long sleeved T shirt
1 sports bra


Things I'm not happy about: I will probably get rained on.
Things I am happy about: It's not going to be 90+ degrees up north.
My North Fake jacket I bought in China... I seem to have successfully water proofed it, as tested in my shower today.

Other things that should not be forgotten
camera. I'm taking my old small point and shoot. Yes, it's not as good. But I won't worry about it.
helmet. yes yes yes
lights, attached to the bike and a 400 candle strong head light. AND a head light that I wear on my head. I can attach it to my helmet with red electic tape. cool.
umm. socks.
lock. for sure.

I really should go to bed. I do have to work tomorrow. suck.

but finally, I would like to say that Ortlieb bags (recommended by the fabulous couchsurfing community) do indeed rock. everytime I was like, "man, I need it do this other thing... how am I going to gerryrig that... I'd look at the dead easy instructions and low and behold, they thought of that. almost took all the fun out of it. except how can I not forgive canary yellow. woo hoo!

here's what the sweeeeeeet ride looks like. oh yea, I feel like I rock.


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Claudious said...

I'm really excited to hear how it turns out. The only thing I'd add to your list is superglue, it's wonderful for fixing things, and closing wounds. I hope you have a wonderful time, I can't wait to see the pictures!

inkandpen said...

I also love the color scheme!