Monday, November 13, 2006


Just a little news.

My current 'teaching post' is out in the country and its a very welcome break from Tokyo. Its so quiet and I'm sleeping so much better. The new coworkers are cool too. I don't have wireless internet in my apartment, though so I'm a little slower about getting back to folks.

much love. and good work on the election!


dajii said...

Dear Little News,

I apologize for not keeping up with the blogs, as a lot is happening in my life at present. I just want to say,that you are so very loved here on the "merikia side. We need and want you. yes, we may be more boring than international travlers, but we are yours to abuse or amuse as you see fit. And we miss you. And you belong with our souls. I love you so very much Kori. I so want to be able to see you once a month or more.

Yes this country is lame, but the disgruntaled ower of the people has just maneaged to extridite a few loonies. I have a political bandwagon that would suit you which you or I or both could get on. I consider doing so just so I can remember what humans are like. Too many conversations with Jack Rabbits out here. The job is to elect a democrat for prez. Cousin Donny in the campaign chairman, him and bill Clinton. They gonna stir some shit and it sounds fun. We are automatic staff, with the nepotisim thing.

Will write you on the side. Love YOU lOve You, LoVe YoU!,


Colin said...

Pink Martini is going to be in Tokyo!

Don't miss this show!!

Astro Hall
Shibuya-ku, Jingu-mae,
4-32-12, New Wave Harajuku, B1
Tokyo, Japan

Tickets Y3000 in advance / Y3500 day of show. Available at Astro Hall or by phone at 03-3402-3089

All Ages Welcome