Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pleasant surprise

There is always a certain small amount of dread when the boss calls for you. I always wonder what I did wrong (too many long lunches and coffee breaks recently? kicking a kid out of class?) or didn't do right (not selling enough books? not getting in early enough?). So when the bossman called and didn't tell me immediately what he wanted, I got a little nervous.

So, what can I do for you today? I asked.
Oh, nothing, he answered coyly.
Errr, so what can I do to help someone else out?
Uhhh, OK. So what's up?

Luckily my confidence hadn't flagged so much that I voiced my fear of being demoted to a normal teacher or not being allowed to train new people etc.

Finally he stopped me and asked how long I'd been working for (as SonicLlama puts it) Ye Olde English School.

...about a year and a half.... What's up? I'm feeling vaguely nervous.

Well, I want to promote you to C2! (teachers start as C1 and move up to C2 or C3) Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!

Wha!?! Well thanks!

So, that's the good news for the day. I'm happy to be recognized for generally working hard more than hardly working (though there have been many of those days recently...). It's even the good type of promotion that means more money (another $100/month) and reflects the responsibility I already take rather than giving me more. So really, now I'm just more motivated and better paid. Good deal!


inkandpen said...


Merry Man In Japan said...

Way to go! Try not to spend it all on he-hookers and blow, ok?

SonicLlama said...

Awesome! Yeah, bosses and manager types definitely do carry this sort of "fright-aura" about them. I've got some kid's classes today, so I'm going try and put some Kori-fu in action. I am a dancing exclamation point.

Kiki said...

All right, Kori!!! Isn't it a refreshing surprise when hard work & enthusiasm are noticed and appreciated? You earned it so enjoy!