Tuesday, September 26, 2006

snapshot of the week

a naked sculpture watches a free foot bath in Hakone's Open Air Museum, day trip from Tokyo.

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Dajii said...

Hi fine Kori,

Nice naked sculpture. Very form perfect. Made by a very good artist, whoever they may be.
The other funny, a public foot bath. What do they do about fungus 'festations? Is it like .. bring your own clorox? Do de wawa move?
Halloween horse ride here. Weather beautiful. 60 some endurance hopefulls cover the hills hidden trails with their hoof marks. This years hatchlings of lizards and snakes (nice ones) slither and scurry about on the warm rocks and road.
Your Dajii misses you enormously. Not likely at this point I'll be in your far east in this year, many delays in the project, but for sure in the next.
I hope you are well and happy. That your sub job is a happening thing. How was your trip out of town to koskovo? What flowers there this time of year? what fruit ripens? Do you wear a kimono all the time now?
Thinking of you, always.
Much much love,
your Dajii