Sunday, September 17, 2006

greener grass

1st week back summary

it was both a busy week. I think Ill like being a sub. It means I can be anal retanively organized (oh the shopping around for orgnaizers! such joy). it allows me more freedom to be pushier with sales (something I secretly enjoy but dont like to do with regular students who Ill see every day forever). It pushes me to be a role model and that keeps me on my toes. so thats all good. I think Ill like it more than normal teaching.

and I was very afraid of what the consequences of what the grass is greener syndrome would be. some of my friends are being a little weird. Im having kind of a mess with my apartmentbut its doable.

but in the end, I realized another thing that was bothering me about ABC was that I wasnt really a teacher. I had no authority over my class. The curriculum was micro managed from above. The head teacher (though I think she would have gotten better) micromanaged in the most annoying way. Dont laminate it in separate pieces it needs to be one piece do it again.

now, as a sub, as a professional who knows how get shit done, Im told what needs to be done and left to it. period. I have textbooks to follow and class structures to follow but how I get it done is my own choice. my own teaching method. my own ideas. my own classes. and its so much more rewarding.

somehow I thought a lot of the chaos in my life could be fixed with a different job. and I think fewer hours could have helped. a walk to work rather than the trains certainly would. so its not without some disappointment that Im back at the GE . OS rat race. Its not without some resignation to this way of Tokyo living. but it will be OK. it helps that there is an end to it. There is a plan that will take me farther.

Next week is a three-day weekend and I think Ill go and check out Kyoto. Get a break from the particular heart beat of Tokyo.

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