Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eleventh Hour

So, the 18th was my last day with Ye Ol' Eikaiwa, supposedly. Well it was the last day of my one year contract. But BossmanM--the old trainer/boss guy--just left the position and was replaced by a far more gregarious and likable guy, BossmanA. Well new Boss Guy A asked me to work one more week at a different school--basically substituting for an extra 7 days. I said OK, choosing money over freetime.

and then came the eleventh hour call:
Kori please don't leave Ye Ol' Eikaiwa. BossmanM was an idiot for letting you go. Your a good teacher. We want you to stay. We're offering you a promotion to substitute, with pay raise. Please...

and I thought about it. I considered how nice it would be to have management that appreciates my hard work. How nice it would be to have more money. How fun the challenges of sub teacher would be...

but then I thought about hours one the train a day and a job that eats all the day light.

and so I turned Ye Ol' Eikaiwa down, again. I finish on Friday. I start my new pre-school job on Monday. I'm excited and nervous. Mostly excited. I'm mostly moved. Well, all my stuff is here except my bike, which I still need to get across town (it was just too hot last weekend and I had a cold) and I need to get my stuff organized. It's a big tangle now, but will be better very soon.

and the new leaf begins.

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Dajii said...

Wow! Turned down suplicating managament. Pretty bold and awesome Kori. You thought it allout before though. You have your good reasons. Having a little daylight is a good thing. I'm so proud of you carring on your life like this. You are doing great and making good decisions. If they are not, ahh well, they too will pass. Likely Geos will take you back at the drop of a hat anytime though if you ever need to back slide. course you could always come home and have Dajii make you bubble toast while you play records in your room and dream about boys. Think that will happen? But I miss you so much anyway, even if I can't ground you (don't recall that actually ever happening). Yeah, just miss you. Please give me all the location details, BF info, job addy, 30 phone numbers and the rest as soon as you get settled.
Good luck on your first day on the JOB. love you LOVE U love you,