Tuesday, July 04, 2006

more map fun

if you like playing with googlemaps and such things: check this out

My little apartment building in my intsy wintzy city

definitely try the satellite mode. zoom in and out. the whole deal. neat.

this is where I live. weird. and it's kinda like home. wierder.

oh the wilds of Hokkaido await in just two short weeks...


Dajii said...

hi wonderful wanderlust daughter,
yuor coming trip souds really great. so glad you're getting out and about. I'm just back myself from a strange trip, to tell in time. Had gator for breakfest. just want to say I miss you and love you so. Glad all is well in your life, forever your dijii

Kiki said...

omygod I'm dizzy, flying like a bird over your abode. Such a strange feeling. What a beautiful sight to see you down there speaking Japanese! Did I dream you are wearing a red blouse?
2 weeks and counting. How are the twins?