Monday, June 26, 2006

cute kidddies

I'm sure this breaks like every privacy rule in my contract... but whatever. since I'm leaving I've started taking pictures of my fav. students.

here are the twins that have won the "cutest kids" contest out of nearly 300 students. they started at 19 months and now can understand simple instructions and repeat some English words. they are hilarious. and they know it. 'cheeky' as our Brit teacher, Nicola, says.

and in a later class. after I nearly killed her classmate for being sooooo loud and I couldn't take it and picked him up with one arm, grabbed his books with the other and just as Nicola was starting to yell at/explain to the manager taht she can't teach her neighboring class with my child screaming him head off 'cause it's fun... I emerge from class, bearing said evil child on my hip, and propell him to the manager.

then I go back to teaching this cute girl. who subsequently behaved better then she had in months and months.

ok, mom, is this how I make the cute face to ham for the camera?

hmmm, let's see. is this how to do it? I can't remember.

wow, trying to be cute is boring. yawn. guess I'll just have to be cute without trying...

and then she gives me a hug at the end of class. I never ever ever expected this to be my life. more than anything I can't get over the shock.

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jim said...

I sure know what it is like to loose your composure. I remember when I was teaching Elementary School and I was being tested by Kurt. He kept on and on with his behavior that was totally disruptive and I was trying to be so calm and collected. Particularly because we were in an open concept building with 400 students, no walls, and teachers who were experts with many years of experience. I could not hold it in any longer and yelled at Kurt at the top of my lungs. The whole school fell silent and Kurt began to cry. But I had finally let myself be real and when I walked in the teacher's room at break, all the teachers clapped... knowing that I had learned to let out my anger.