Tuesday, April 04, 2006

googleable! (and busy)

suddenly I went from hiding in a dark corner of the world wide web to getting found by the Google spiders. it makes me happy for no good reason. strangers can now sift through my ramblings searching for info that isn't what they're looking for. or maybe it is?

I've been so crazy busy. It's been exhausting but good. I have like six million picutures to post too.

I went to Kamakura on March 20th. beautiful. will post eventually.

spend the next weekend talking to strangers in parks and enjoying the cherry blossoms.

spent last week picking the brain of everyone who would stand still about what to do aobut my job. eventually decided to postpone all decisions until I meet the new Kaihin teacher. His name is Daniel and he arrives in 2 days. Then I have to return to that scary land of self reflection.

Had a quiet French couch surfer for a night.

had a couple beers with a nice NOVA chic teacher. we comiserated taht it's hard to find good girlfriends in Tokyo. they all seem to return much faster than the guys. nice talk.

getting to konw my neighbor better. also cool. English, but cool anyway.

arranging Japanese lessons. very excited.

had a sweet swedish couple stay on my floor for two nights. they left this morning. nice folks, they're trying to bum around Japan for 2 months. that's just awesome!

we went sightseeing Sunday to Meiji-jingu shrine and Shinjuku-gyoen.

I went by myself to Ueno park the next day. blew my mind.

went on a random walk and found really cool stuff. an old cemetary and other random small shrines ended up in Nippori, which is--aparently--fabric town, and that made me miss all my SCA friends and the sewing parties.

then I interviewed at this Japanese school and am trying to get a good lesson there with other Ye Ol' Eikaiwa teachers.

and then we went to Yaskuni Shrine for more cherry blossoms and street food and public drinking and it was gorgeous and awesome.

and now I'm finally home and hopefully will be able to get a good night sleep.

more on individual events as soon as I can.

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Kiki said...

May Daniel come and light up the teaching world! Keep us posted. Very cool to host the Swedish couple. Do you know where in Sweden they are from? It is amazing, Kori, all you are doing. I love you and miss you.