Wednesday, March 01, 2006

pity umbrella

I wanted to tell her that I couldn't accept it. I wanted to say that it wasn't as special as she thought. I should have told her to save it for someone else. She shouldn't hurry to give it away. I should have let her know that this wasn't my first time.

this is my second pity umbrella.

I mean, I hate umbrellas. I think they are useless at keeping your feet dry and I never have water proof shoes... so what's the point?

they are good for short people (eg the Japanese) to get revenge by poking out the eyes of the taller people (eg me).

you carry them around and they drip and are easy to forget...

but I must have some sort of umbrella karma because this is the second umbrella that a stranger has insisted I take. I am astonished that stragers give my their umbrellas when I'm out and about and cold. and I'm doubley astonished that this is the second time.

so I don't know what this karmic pattern is preparing me for... what situation will I be faced with to repay this specific type of kindness from fellow soggy shoed strangers?

what kind of destiny is this plethora of pity umbrellas preparing me for?


Anonymous said...

The kindness of others is only a reflection.

inkandpen said...

I used to get pity umbrellas handed to me in high school-- I had to wait at a bus stop along a highway, and likewise didn't believe in umbrellas... but when it was raining, without fail, someone would pull over out of the speeding traffic, roll down their window, and shove an umbrella at me! Usually I'd take them, use them while I waited, and then hand them off to someone else cold and wet on my trip home. :)

paul said...

hey, i was offered one yesterday on my short walk home!

declined it though, smiled and said something along the lines of 'despite this kind of perturbed look on my face, I'm really enjoying myself...'

i was - just lost in thought.

i might've taken it if i'd had a longer walk, though. who knows.