Monday, March 06, 2006


daytrips from Tokyo always have dreamlike quaility. I get on a train, fall asleep for two hours, and awake somewhere else. I orient myself and wander around for an afternoon. Afterwards, I'm exausted and get back on the train and fall asleep for a few hours on the way home. I arrive back in the neon and noise, feeling stiff and groggy and wondering if all that quiet fresh air was really real at all. that's why I have to bring my camera. otherwise I couldn't tell if it was a dream or not.

I'll add more story and captions and maybe more pics later. but I must do ironing for a week that promises to make me wish for a quick return to the ancient cedar forest of Nikko.

More pictures and story here: Nikko pt. 2

More pictures and a brush with god(s):

Nikko pt. 3


Murray said...

Beautiful pictures Kori. I'd love to see the places you're getting to visit.

Dajii said...

Hi Kiddo,
crappy about the job thing. Goes to show the fickelness of the buracurcy. the benifit of working for one's self are evident here, though ultimatly a tougher row to hoe. Any chance of going freelance on this with you loyal students? What of the bio-tech firm thingy? I so hate it when the world shrinks. Fight back with glactic expansionism. That's what Beyer's do. You lead the pack. Let me know if you need any assistance. Loving you to the bone from afar. Your pictures are wonderful, your simily sublime. you are daily in my heart,
loving Dajii