Sunday, January 29, 2006

knitting update

OK, OK. so this may be super boring for some of you. but for the other knitting enthusiasts, I'll give a little update on the progress of my huge knots.

1. My scarf is done! Akemi asked me who I was going to give it to and I laughed and told her I'm keeping it for myself, of course.
It was good practice and turned out alright. I added a bit of dark red to off set the massive grayness. It's kinda funky and nice. I practiced all sorts of patterns I'm interested in attempting in the future. Good fun, and it's really warm too.

and now I've started on a hat too. It will be a magic hat that will protect me from sickness(literally) and cold feet(figuratively). I'm not quite sure how you knit magic into a hat... but I'm giving it a shot. That's why I have two types of yarn. for the magic. at the very least it'll be warm and will hopefully have earflaps too!


Kiki said...

Kori, you DID it!! You finished your very first piece of artistic knitting!! That is fabuloso. Now you've got to take a pic and put it up for all of us to see. And then do the same for your magic hat. I like the sound of that. Knit on!

Kiki said...

You and your scarf have motivated me to buy my first needles and yarn for decades. A lady is going to help me get started on Friday, and I hope my fingers can remember a wee bit. My one and only project was a 6' yellow scarf. Very ugly. This yarn much prettier and I got the round needles you recommended. Cool. Keep me posted on your hat.